About PTE Helper and courses

What is PTE Helper?

PTE Helper is a public tutoring centre that is located in Melbourne, Australia.

PTE Helper has currently two main offices, in Melbourne and Brisbane. We also offer online programs via Zoom for students in Sydney, Tasmania, Perth, Singapore, NZ, Korea, Canada, Japan and Vietnam.

How can I contact PTE Helper?

You can contact us via this website or our main Facebook page.
Please refer the Contact tab for further information.
You also can ring us at:

0449.606.991 – Huy Nguyen
0420.798.207 – Hien Le
0434.895.870 – Ngan Nguyen

How can I join your course if I'm overseas?

You can still join our courses by studying online via Zoom. If you are living in Melbourne, Brisbane or Ho Chi Minh city, we recommend you visit our branch or contact us for further information

Is it possible or is there any way for me to join your classes if I have to work from early morning til late night?

You can join our classes online or you can book a 1-1 course to take advantage of the course’s flexibility.

What if I missed one of your classes, can I have a substitute?

We always record our tutorials. You can watch them online afterwards.

How long until I can achieve my target?

It totally depends on your effort, most importantly, your English background as well as your study environment(whether you have great exposure to English on a daily basis)

Can you guarantee that I will achieve my target score?

For most of our courses, we cannot guarantee you whether or not you will achieve your target score, as this greatly depends on your efforts and ability. However, with our newly launched PTE 50+ course, we do have a guarantee on this (conditions apply).

Does ``Unlimited`` mean that I can study as much as I want for the rest of my life?

“Unlimited” means you can study as much as you can for the one-year period.

Why should I choose PTE instead of IELTS?

PTE has proved to be more achievable than IELTS. With the tips and strategies you will gain from our methodology, you will find this statement be true.

Can I still join your class if my English is not really good.?

We will have an entrance test for you before you join any of our class and will make recommendations on which class you should participate in.